Hello I am Per Inge.

Throughout my life, I have been interested in sports and outdoor life, and after all, when I have managed to make my hobby for a living, life is top notch.
I am the founder of Spraek, which is our own brand. Pants and jackets, which exactly match customer requirements and to fil an imaginary hole in the market.
In addition, Savalen-Ski & Sports, established in 1981 (later Norsport AS), fortunate become an importer and supplier of leisure equipment, tools and clothes, respectively brand as Stormsure, AdventureFood, Directalpine, Gabel,  TT-Snowshoes, Paris Expeditionsled etc.
My focus, as a small distributor in Norway, is on quality at all levels. Trough my company I will do my best to be a good partner.
Even if the selection is not the largest, our strength as a supplier is that we have tested the products we sell.
Our products are sold through sports shops and outdoor stores all over Norway. We offer competitive prices and prompt delivery.

Our goal is to provide functional products of good quality.

Some pictures from our surrondings here at Tynset.